We offer solutions for manufacturing, whether in small or large quantities, individual precision parts or complete instruments. This is based on our 40-year history as a premium product supplier to the world market.

Our core involves various CNC-machining, sheet metal fabrication as well as assembly and test of certified instruments. We are able to match highly set standards regarding quality and documentation. Our manufacturing facility in Stockholm takes care of urgent customer needs regarding short lead times and prototypes, all requests are swiftly managed in a flexible way.

Larger product batches are produced in Serbia and stored in Stockholm in order to meet short lead times. We take care of all external processes such as surface treatment, hardening and measuring as per customer requirements.

Brovex conducts all relevant industry-specific tests in both Stockholm and Serbia. Fulfilling guidelines for demands such as ATEX certification, this is part of our day-to-day business and we are ready to adapt to new customer guidelines whenever needed.

  • CNC turning and milling

    CNC turning and milling

    We can produce small to medium sized parts. ø1 - ø550 mm turning and up to 700 x 1500 x 700 (x, y, z) milling. The machines are suitable for all types of series sizes.

  • Logistics


    Brovex takes care of the entire value chain from raw material to finished products. If the product involves subcontractors who perform external processes, we take responsibility for these, which in turn reduces the total cost to the customer and reduces lead times.

  • Assembly and testing

    Assembly and testing

    We produce a large number of complete instruments including customer-specific testing and certification. All that remains for our clients is to deliver end customer.

  • External Processes

    External Processes

    Through our unique sub supplier network in Serbia, we can provide processes like die casting, shell moulding, surface treatments (all alloys), hardening and special grinding techniques, etc.

right price

Through our unique business model with Unimet in Serbia, we can offer very attractive prices. We are often 30% cheaper than corresponding Swedish suppliers. The benefits include all business arrangements, whether they be small or large volumes. Through continuous improvement and investment, we have developed our competitiveness.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver precision components and mechanical systems to the highest set of standards regarding quality and delivery precision.