Machine Shop

Our machining capacity responds to small and large batches

From our facility in Stockholm we can quickly respond to customer needs with our five CNC machines. Our capabilities include five axis milling and multitasking turning operations. Below is a list of our machines located in Stockholm.

Through our cooperation with Unimet in Serbia we have access to an additional 55 CNC machines. This includes two Mitutoyo CMM measuring machines of which one is a state of the art laboratory machine with a starting error of just 0,9 µm. In addition to this we have a GOM ATOS II 3D-scanner for free-form 3D-surfaces. A complete list of CNC machines can be found below.

Our machining capacity is mainly directed towards small to medium size components, our turning capabilities range from ø1mm to ø550mm. Milling capabilities are 700x1500mm (x,y). In addition, we have six swiss-type automatic turning machines and several multitasking turning machines which produce quality assured parts in а very productive way.

right price

Through our unique business model with Unimet in Serbia, we can offer very attractive prices. We are often 30% cheaper than corresponding Swedish suppliers. The benefits include all business arrangements, whether they be small or large volumes. Through continuous improvement and investment, we have developed our competitiveness.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver precision components and mechanical systems to the highest set of standards regarding quality and delivery precision.