We supply precision components and mechanical systems for companies at the forefront of technology and innovation.

We offer quality assured contract production to both large and small scale industries.

modern production

Our workshop is equipped with flexible high capacity state of the art machinery. This provides us with the capacity to meet short notice prototype batches upon request, small batches and 'panic jobs' as well as full-scale series production. Our customers can rely on us to deliver the right product at the right time. During all projects, we use Swedish component suppliers.

right price

Through our unique business model with Unimet in Serbia, we can offer very attractive prices. We are often 30% cheaper than corresponding Swedish suppliers. The benefits include all business arrangements, whether they be small or large volumes. Through continuous improvement and investment, we have developed our competitiveness.

quality breeds success

Our overall quality goal is to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. We work to ensure that every task we perform is a good reference for future business. Through continuous improvement, we improve our processes, always with the customer's satisfaction at the center of what we do.

our environment

Our environment is important to us today and important to us tomorrow. For us to achieve a sustainable and efficient workplace we have set up an internal environmental policy. Among other things, we are committed to minimizing the amount of waste we produce, actively promoting recycling and advocating products that minimize negative environmental impacts.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver precision components and mechanical systems to the highest set of standards regarding quality and delivery precision.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become and remain a world-class supplier for best-in-class corporations. Through tireless work with continuous improvement we raise efficiency in our organization to meet all stakeholders interests, the owners, the co-workers and the authorities whilst dedicating ourselves to preserving our environment by reducing waste and emissions.