Brovex is a complete manufacturing partner for companies who wish to outsource their manufacturing and rather focus on their core activities. Our customers can rely on Brovex to take care of all necessary activities - production, quality assurance, responsibility for sub-tier suppliers, assembly and global delivery; minimizing the cost for the customer at several levels. 

We take responsibility for the complete production chain which is further cost-optimized with our operations in Serbia. We have tirelessly developed the effectiveness of our technology for over 40 years, this has enabled us to fulfil demands from the global market to the highest standard. 

Our customers are found in the general industry, automotive, aerospace and medical. Our competencies are set high and wide to meet all these industry-specific demands. In addition, this lowers the risk through diversification and increases competitiveness further.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become and remain a world-class supplier for best-in-class corporations. Through tireless work with continuous improvement we raise efficiency in our organization to meet all stakeholders interests, the owners, the co-workers and the authorities whilst dedicating ourselves to preserving our environment by reducing waste and emissions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver precision components and mechanical systems to the highest set of standards regarding quality and delivery precision.